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About Us at Zims Tutions
Zims an Educational Door
Educational Needs for Parents REach us +91l 9701335304
 has been a professional educator/tutor for over fifteen years, in specializing children and young people with a variety of educational needs from all over Asia, America and Africa. We engage children of all ages and walks of life across a wide spectrum of different needs and levels.
We cater to the needs of Aspirants working towards MBBS, IIT, EAMCET, B.Ed, Polytechnics, communication skills together with those with more specific needs, who require an alternative programmer of learning and support". Each child is an individual, and therefore requires individual attention and technique. For some children it is necessary to go ‘back to basics’ and to build a solid foundation; a  multi  - sensory approach through sight, sound, touch, innovative ideas and always with infinite patience, understanding and humor.
whether it’s be dyslexia, dyspepsia, ADHD, school or college drop outs and unusually intelligent. We teach students the techniques and tools which encourage and instill confidence, a healthy curiosity for knowledge and the love for learning.

Our career has been built by my reputation and results of the past years. I truly believe that this steams form a relaxed, nurturing, caring approach, brought together in a calm and secure environment. I strive to build confidence through non-judgmental understanding of the individual’s needs’ and abilities. Only through trust can a vulnerable child be encouraged to succeed and achieve.  It has always been a passion to educate and share my skills and love of learning. We enjoy our work and still experience and share with the children, the same excitement and satisfaction with any breakthrough or progress. Please browse our website and contact us at any time to discuss the individual requirements of your child(ren).

MD Zia Khan
(Msc, M Ed)

'Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the lighting of a fire'. (Socrates)
ZIMS an Organization of Present
Mr. Md Ziaur Rahman Khan has over two decades of experience in the field of education.
He is currently the Director of  Edu guide a Yellow pages for eduation and have been associated with various organization,schools in Hyderabad and Overseas.

An Iconic Personality engaged in building diverse learning environments catering to a varied group of learners from rural and urban areas in India and Abroad.
He is an active member of multiple forums on improving education policy,enhancing new techniques for slow learners and planning, including  how to have active induction among the young learners.

He heads his parent organization ZIMS Education, the Learning Division of educating that advises on setting up new schools, handling day to day need of schools, training teachers which are centers of excellence, across the country and abroad.
At a very tender age in the year 1999, Md Ziaur Rahman khan set up ZIMS, a non-governmental organization that strives for the development of the students and teachers community through education and constructive work among marginalized societies across India.
He is presently involve in research, school education,curriculum designing, transforming schools, empowering children and leading out modern approach towards the students of low IQ.

The core objective of ZIMS is to give quality product which can turn the present man power productive.
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Please Contact info@zimstutions.com
To Advertise Here
Please Contact info@zimstutions.com
To Advertise Here
Please Contact info@zimstutions.com
To Advertise Here
Please Contact info@zimstutions.com
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