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Parents Appreciation at Zims Tutions
Parents Appreciation
Mrs Netarajan | Aruna colony
I got a perfect tutor from him for my son. The same tutor is teaching for the last two years. This year my son is taking the board exams and he has been performing very well. ZIMS keep up the quality you shall be a leader in Tutions industry.
Mrs Kavita | Dundigal
I have a son who is now 18. When he was in class seven, he started going down in studies. I requested my neighbor to find somebody to teach my son. I tried three tutors but of no use. In the meantime I got number of ZIMS from surfing Google requested for a tutor. They  sent one Mr. Venkat  to me. Just after two days, I got pleasing news from the school that my son had topped in Maths  and Science papers. Thanks to ZIMS and Google Search engine to make me in contact with zims.
Best Mentor award of the year

Thank ZIMS home tuitions  for a great year, I really liked being in your company of zims tutors for 4th grade. My favorite subject was math’s .I liked learning more about the subject under your mentorship, and I even think I might want to be a mathematician, when I grow up so I can help kids who face difficulty in solving complex problems.

My sincere recommendation to the zims educational academy to honor miss Madhuri with a best mentor award of the year.


ZIMS Academy program was a success.

My son Kundan  thought that the mentor was excellent and one of the best he had a mentor of such quality and exposure. He got the opportunity to gain wide range of knowledge, he gained a wealth of information from great speaker a leader and overall he gained a wealth of leadership skills. He returned home excited and ready to put into practice some of the things he learned. I believe the ZIMS Academy program was a success. Thank you.


I hope you teach Spanish for my other kids

I wanted to say thank ZIMS home tuitions   for being such a fantastic teacher for Spanish 2. I struggled in Spanish 1 last year and was honestly dreading taking another year of it as a sophomore. By the end of the first semester I was actually looking forward to coming to your class. Not only did you help me improve my Spanish skills, but you also made the class fun! 

I really enjoyed how you made games (like playing jeopardy to prepare for tests) and gave us some artistic projects instead of just working from the textbook. Thanks again, and I hope you teach Spanish for next year so that I can take another class with you! 

Address the issues one by one to gain self confidence

ZIMS academy tutor have surprise us by their skill in teaching. While most of us know that teachers rarely enter the field for its material rewards, a full 98 percent of teachers agreed with the statement that “teaching is more than a profession; it is how they make a difference in the world—one child at a time.

The address the issues one by one to gain self confidence. My child could do it at last.

Miss khan

students appreciation
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