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Formulas for Schools Students
Maths made Eassy
Mathematics for the international student.Download formulas to make things hand and easy to solve complex problems.

Formulas of Calculas
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Formulas on Probability
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Formulas of Finite numbers
Formulas of Finite numbers.
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Mensuration is the branch of mathematics which deals with the study of Geometric shapes, their area, volume and related parameters.

Some important mensuration formulas are:

1. Area of rectangle (A) = length(l) × Breath(b)

2. Perimeter of a rectangle (P) = 2 × (Length(l) + Breath(b))

3. Area of a square (A) = Length (l) × Length (l)


Mensuration is the branch of mathematics which deals with the study of Geometric shapes, their area, volume and related parameters.

 Area of isosceles triangle = \frac{b}{4}\sqrt{4a^2 - b^2}

Where a = length of two equal side , b= length of base of isosceles triangle.

  Area of trapezium (A) = \frac{1}{2} (a+b) \times h

Where “a” and “b” are the length of parallel sides and “h” is the perpendicular distance between “a” and “b” .

Perimeter of a trapezium (P) = sum of all sides

Area of rhombus (A) =  Product of diagonals / 2

Algebraic expression
In mathematics, an algebraic expression is an expression built up from constants, variables, and a finite number of algebraic operations. For example, is an algebraic expression. 

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Geometric Formulas
In mathematics, the geometric mean is a type of mean or average, which indicates the central tendency or typical value of a set of numbers by using the product of their values.

This is calculated by multiplying all the numbers (call the number of numbers n), and taking the nth root of the total. 
Statistical Formulas

One of the most basic purposes of statistics is simply to enable us to make sense of large numbers. For example, if you want to know how the students in your school are doing in the statewide achievement test, and somebody gives you a list of all 600 of their scores, that’s useless. This everyday problem is even more obvious and staggering when you’re dealing, let’s say, with the population data for the nation.

We've got to be able to consolidate and synthesize large numbers to reveal their collective characteristics and interrelationships, and transform them from an incomprehensible mass to a set of useful and enlightening indicators.

Mathematical symbols

Mathematical Symbols

Mathematical symbols
Mathematical symbols
maths symbols 
maths formula
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