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Activities at Zims Tutions
ZIMS Foreign language Class
Home tuition's for French,German,Hindi,English,IELTS and Chinees

ZIMS home tuition started a Center for Foreign Languages, to facilitates young youth who like to explore the culture and traditions beyond the subcontinent

ZIMS home tuition's proposed to begin with the teaching  Few Foreign Languages




German and Chinese.

IELTS coaching at your door step by experts

Spoken English

Spoken Hindi

A study of Foreign Languages through  certified tutors from the reputed university to cater to school and college students who take up foreign language in there academics.

This class enriches the academic profile of the Student. It provide a vital inputs and also enable interaction to outside world. Foreign language class are of mutual benefit of all concerned.


Expert mentors for French tuition's

Academic Home tuition's for French and Spoken French

Expert mentors for German tuition's

One to one mentors for other Foreign languages


Home tuition for Faculties of Spoken Hindi, Spoken English, IELTS, Spoken Telugu.

Call our tuition councilor 9701335304

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