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Activities at Zims Tutions
MBBS/ BDS /MCI Tutorials
Home Tuitions for MBBS, BDS, B.Pharmacy, anatomy, physiology, bio chemistry,gynecology

ZIMS Home tuition is supported by a strong contingent of Teaching Staff, which includes practicing doctors, specialists,  clinical & non-clinical graduates,pursuing PHD from various universities

Lecturers are arranged by experienced and well-versed with subject,Examination Procedures and their MCQ format.

  Home tuition for MBBS Referred Students

Home tuition's for physiology,

Home tuition's for ENT,

Home tuition's for biochemistry,

Microbiology and pathology Home tuition's 

Home tuition's for forensic med,

pharmacology and ophthalmic Home tuitions,

Home tuition's for pediatrics,

Home tuition's for gynecology

 Home tuition's for SPM,

Home tuition's for surgery

Expert Tutors for MBBS
Expert Tutors for BDS
Expert  Tutors for B.Pharmacy.
Expert Tutors for Botany , Zoology,.
Expert Home tuition's for anatomy.

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